Why Us?

Why Us?

A Good Fit

When choosing a hypnotherapist, you need someone you can trust.  You need someone who will listen to you.  And you need someone who will tailor their approach to suit you needs and your direction.

In our view, you should choose a hypnotherapist that is a good fit for you.  One who can share your concerns and understands you. The therapeutic alliance and connection is at the core of all healing work so it is an essential ingredient for success. 

When you find things fitting in well you will also notice how everything happens to ensure that you achieve your goals. If we discover the fit is less than you need then we will help you find someone who's work is better suited to your needs.

The Ericksonian Approach

So what do we do and how do we work?

Following Erickson's example, we tailor our interventions to the client rather than trying to fit the client into a hypnosis script as some other hypnotherapists do. You get "bespoke" service when you come to us.

Also following Erickson's example we do our trance work in a "permissive frame." This is because we start with the belief that you already have the best solutions for you within you.  So we want to use as many of your strengths and resources as we possibly can to ring about the changes you want. 

And if you like listening to stories that's also part of the way we do therapy. 

So then you should choose us.

Evidence Based Practice

At a functional level our practice is evidence-based. In other words, we like interventions that have been shown to work.  Our principal clinician is also very curious about how to make things work better.  So trying new approaches, making sure to find the best approach for you, is a benchmark of our practice too.  Adjusting practices and implementing methods implied by latest research to get the best method to suit you may be all just part of our craft development.  But nevertheless, you benefit. 

If that sounds like something you might want, again  you should choose us.

However, if you want scripted hypnosis, or "authoritarian-you're-getting-sleepy-sleepy-sleepy" hypnosis, we can point you in the right direction but that's not our stock-in-trade.  If you like hypnotic aids (like binaural beats or subliminals), again, we can recommend you some other clinicians. But we don't use them because we don't find them necessary or useful for what we do.  They do nevertheless have their own place.

But if you want a very tailored approach we can provide that to you.

Generative and Step-by-step Hypnosis

We do practice both large frame generative trance and the small frame psychoactive processing hypnosis depending on the need. 

That means, sometimes it's better to open up your ability to generate solutions. And sometimes it's better to provide the steps you need to get from A to B. It depends on the needs of the individual and the type of issue being addressed. 

If you like that kind of flexible know-how  in your clinician, again you should choose us.

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