Why Hypnotherapy?

Why Hypnotherapy?

Your Options

If you're looking for help with something you have lots of options.

Psychological Options

You can choose to see a psychologist for some version of "talk therapy," if your issue lends itself to that modality. 

Most psychology practices offer  CBT and Behavioural therapies and other quite targeted solutions for issues that seem broadly psychological.  Examples like insomnia (and some parasomnias), anxiety, stress-management, phobias, PTSD, depression, all have either pretty good solution focussed or the less useful insight-focussed therapies.  And non-organic "blocking" issues like stuttering and enuresis also have reasonable behavioural solutions. The more useful approaches are, however a lot of hard work, very gradually learning how to catch yourself in your undesirable patterns.  So it is a lengthy and expensive approach to solving such problems.

Medical Options

You can seek specialist medical help if your issue is specifically medical.  This is true even if it has a psycho-neurological component.  What medical problems would those be? It turns out most dermatological complaints, migraine, high blood-pressure and much inflammatory disease all have a psycho-neurological component.  Post-operative healing, pain management and anaesthesia are more obviously psycho-neurological. 

But a medical physician will always be able to present you with some kind of medical solution if the symptoms are considered medical.  And often with good reason - if the symptoms are signs of serious disease.   A friend of mine put the problem to me, most aptly.  I was considering some surgery and the doctor was a pretty strong advocate for it.  But my friend said, "The trouble is - when you have a really nice hammer every problem looks like a nail."

Lifestyle Options

There's a big industry designed to cater to the weight-management/weight-loss clientele and another huge industry catering to people trying to quit smoking selling all kinds of chemical, behavioural and methodological aids to the would be customer.

There are various support groups meant to help people attempting to get relief from dependencies  like drinking and long term drug use.

There are also a large number of educational programs available for learning new things, developing skills and addressing learning difficulties.

With So Many Options...

In fact the medical, therapeutic and educational-training world is full of such options. So why choose hypnotherapy?

For many complaints, hypnotherapy has no place at all.  But for any of those listed above, not only does it have a place but for some of them it demonstrates definite superiority to the more obvious alternatives.

Hypnotherapy is often more effective than "talk therapy."  If you want faster results clinical hypnosis is usually the better choice.  Hypnosis is a great vehicle for any therapy.  Plenty of papers have been published saying exactly that.  A decently trained clinical hypnotist can do the hypnosis version of any existing therapy of choice (like CBT in my case).  Such therapies are much less mysterious than some people believe.   Yet as a clinical hypnotist there are people whose issues I would definitely hesitate to treat.  Why? Because like any other member of a professional body, my ethics are important to me.

Hypnotherapy might also be considered superior to pharmacological therapy along certain metrics. Hypnotherapy neither engenders dependencies nor produces unwanted side-effects. Its effectiveness is often on equal footing with pharmaceuticals, but it does take more work.  A bottle of pills you can buy and ingest.  There's a bit more to clinical hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy can treat certain medical pathologies as either an adjunct or in some cases a true alternative.  But hypnotherapy can not replace a medical consultation.  For people with chemical sensitivities especially, hypnosis can induce excellent anaesthetic.  Clinical hypnosis also engenders superior post-operative healing, especially when used as anaesthetic. 

If you like the sound of any of that you should choose hypnotherapy.  

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