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About us

Design Hypnotherapy

I wanted a business where I could do something I love.  So Design Hypnotherapy was brought into being to do just that.  I have discovered that it really is possible to have nut-and-bolts control over many things people don't realise they can control. I grew up believing you couldn't stop or control thoughts  and feelings, easily.  Not true - you can.  Once  you know how.  You can do amazing things with your own mind.  It's possible to feel much, much better than you could believe, for no particular reason.  In any situation.  And this opens up all kinds of possibilities for being able to do things better because what drives us as humans are our thoughts and feelings.

So I wanted to help people become better at being the best they can be. I wanted to help people to design a life they want, on the inner side.  Not like a "coach."  Not like an advisor.  But like Milton H. Erickson.  As a consequence, no problem is too large or too small to consider.  Doesn't mean I'll take every problem, but I will consider any problem.

Design Hypnotherapy is a Clinical Hypnosis and Strategic Psychotherapy practice.  We use mostly what’s called Ericksonian hypnosis to effect therapeutic change.  Erickson was a pioneering psychiatrist who got amazing results with two things.  A permissive approach to hypnosis and hypnotic responsiveness was one.  An unmatched commitment to the success of those who came to see him was the other.  We use his methods.

How We Do What We Do

Ericksonian hypnosis has a permissive nature.  The kind of trance work we do is generative.  That means you discover your solutions.  This happens because we encourage curiosity in our therapeutic interractions, by design. 

Often the hypnosis itself looks more conversational. If I tell stories or ask lots of questions which I do expect you to answer.  That isn't to say it doesn't also have some dramatic moments.  Our strategic psychotherapy makes this presupposition: you already have all the inner resources you need.  Maybe they're not quite organised in the way you need, but you have them.  So our consultations have lots of questions designed to discover how you have your inner resources organised.  

As we are an evidence-based hypnotherapy practice we use a large number of treatment ideas available in the clinical literature. These are found across a range of therapeutic styles.  They include straight hypnotic suggestion, Behavioural and Cognitive (CBT) techniques, some Communication therapy and Humanistic therapy methods, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and of course, the applications of deep-trance phenomena. 

Our Commitment

We aim to be the best we can be.  To that end, we are committed to high quality and continuous improvement in all aspects of our service.  You will always have the opportunity to provide feedback on any aspect of performance.  We use that feedback to identify opportunities for improvement and continue development of the clinical practice going forward.

We empower the individual to lead the life they want.

So click on a link and start having the life you want!

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David Reid (B.Sc., P.G.Dip.Ed., Dip.CHyp,SPsych)

As well as a clinical hypnotist and lifelong student of the workings of the mind, David has also been a school teacher, amateur musician and performer, university lecturer, negotiation & sales consultant, taijiquan trainer, priest and itinerant student of comparative religion.  He was born in Mount Lawley, schooled in the Perth hills, but a Mathematics graduate of UWA. After a 6 year residence in the European Union, he has long since come home to Perth where he lives very happily, raising a family and growing a clinical practice. 


He first developed an interest in the healing capacity of the body and mind as a callow youth of 22 due to direct personal experience.  After much broken study and searching, gradually learned some rudimentary knowledge. He used those techniques to help friends and family.  Later, he began training himself in some neuro-linguistic programming and self-hypnosis first for educational work and then sales consulting. These interests finally progressed to the point of desiring to become a clinical practitioner in 2018. 

He was trained at the Institute of Applied Psychology (IAP) under Gordon Young and Lisa Webber, receiving RTO Diploma certification in May 2019.  He now practices a mixture of Ericksonian and other kinds of hypnosis.  His Strategic Psychotherapeutic work follows an approach somewhat similar to Michael Yapko although he is also fond of the work many others.   He prefers a vitally straightforward approach, like another student of Milton Erickson's, Richard Bandler, whose famous aphorism “Go First!” is at the heart of his work with clients.

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