What to expect

What to expect


Something Free


First of all we give you something free.

At the beginning of your first consultation, approximately 20 minutes is set aside as free. 

It's a discovery window for you to find out what we really do.   We find out in what way we can best help you and get some very necessary paperwork out of the way. 

Once we've established that what you want fits what we do we can dive right in.  Once we have the information needed to make permanent, positive changes, then with your consent we begin the process of clinical hypnosis.  

Style and Substance

Our style of hypnosis can range from the very conversational where trance is such a natural outcome of relaxed focus that you barely notice you're in it to the more dramatic forms everyone associates with hypnosis. 

It all depends on what pathway will work best for the desired outcome. 

And just as the hypnosis itself can vary depending on the factors presented, the number of consultations required can also vary.  Sometimes only a single 90 minute session is required but more often than not the time investment needs to be greater to ensure changes will be lasting and you get the outcomes you want. You will have a reasonably good idea of what that investment is likely to be during the course of the first consultation.

Not a Magic Wand

Hypnotherapy is not a magic wand though it is an extremely potent method for making lasting changes in your life. 

As such, it deserves a level of respect and commitment.  If you are ready to make lasting positive changes that will bring about a better life for you and those around you... If you are committed to engaging in an effective process for making that happen... Then hypnotherapy could be exactly what you need. 

So if you are, and if you have read to this point that's almost certainly true, we at Design Hypnotherapy share your commitment too.

Lasting Change

We would be delighted to help you make those lasting changes for the better.  Your changings never start until you start them and we're really talking about the start of a whole new life you want.

But when you start now it's as if the universe has a way of responding to your action.  To pull you ever forward to your goals, once set.  And keep you on the path of action, once begun. So that, when finding yourself willing to open up to the possibilities.  Or to grasp this newly minted opportunity.  It's easy to begin with someone who already knows how.  Then you can call or email us to set your appointment.  And start along the sure path to the new life you want or need.  Or simply press one of the buttons below.

When you know you're ready to begin, begin it now.

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