Skin Complaints & Neurophysiological Illness

We help you create solutions for many physical illness with a psychological or neuro-physiological component.

The most obvious and dramatic area where your state of mind can affect  your physiological  well-being is in your skin.  Indeed, the evidence for clinical hypnosis being an effective skin treatment option is beyond doubt. The close relationship between the skin and the nervous system may be why.  Few people know that the foetus, very early in pregnancy, forms a layer of tissue called the ectoderm.  From this tissue both skin and nervous system develop. Both organ systems continue to profoundly affect each other throughout life.

This means you deserve to be confident that you can gain relief from a number of skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis, warts, and other forms of dermatitis with the power of your own mind, given the right guidance.

The hypnotic treatment of allergies is also well documented as too are numerous psychosomatic illnesses.

Finally, we give you access to a number of excellent free resources for your own subsequent use.


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