Hypnosis is a tremendous tool for relaxation. A really deep trance can provide stress relief, lower blood pressure, softening of unhelpfully hardened tissues and ultimately control of the unconscious processes that govern the body’s internal functioning.

Together with opportunities to adjust diet effectively, reduce the unconscious survival strategies’ reliance on unwarranted fight-flight reactions, reduce anxieties and instabilities we can offer you a reasonably comprehensive programme of support for better living.

After just one session you will find yourself feeling better for good, with a more uplifted outlook on life, better health and more vibrant happiness.  After a few, really the sky's the limit.

For some people it is just an amplified enjoyment of the simple things life offers. For others it is being able to be effective in high pressure scenarios while maintaining inner equilibrium and poise, relaxed, calm and refreshed. But each person’s well-being needs are different; some even defy description.

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