Optimise performance and redesign your life!

Hypnosis is the learning state.

We work with you to help you achieve your goals. We do this by helping you to build your own “mind machines.” These enable you go further, do more and extract more of the sweetness your own life has to offer, safely and securely according to what is appropriate for you.

Through learning new strategies or streamlining existing ones many previously impossible feats become possible.  This is the magic of rapid hypnotic change-work. 

Because we mainly use Eriksonian techniques most of the resources you will engage in redesign will come from inside your deeper self. They will often be a part of your existing knowledge system you didn’t even know were already there, but they are.

At times we use some more psychoactive processing techniques like those found in NLP.  The nature of that kind of hypnosis will reflect its purpose.

Either way we will also help you access some "deep-trance phenomena" to give you a boost where appropriate.

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