Migraine and other pain

We successfully work with ailments that have a psychological or neurological-control component. In the case of migraines, it is possible to prevent onset primarily by working on the vascular side to prevent arterial dilation from occurring at the trigger-point.  We can also develop longer-term individualised solutions with protocols for addressing other stages in the migraine cascade, depending on the client.

In regard to pain management and removal, this is an area with almost more research done on the efficacy of hypnosis than any other.  Hypnotic anaesthesia and analgesia has a history that goes back to the days of Mesmer in the late 18th Century.  Both minor and major surgeries using hypnotic anaesthesia have been reported in the medical literature since the 1820s and hypnotic anaesthesia continues to be used even by battlefield medics at times.  As a treatment for phantom limb pain or other "phantom" pain Clinical Hypnosis has a long and successful track record.  All these successes appear to have been independent of practitioner. So that, as a method for creating comfort where there used to be pain it is second to none and the clinical literature can only support this.

It should be borne in mind, however, that clinical hypnosis is in no way a substitute for consulting a physician.  Particularly in the area of migraine and other pain, we will NOT treat you until you have checked whether the pain indicates an underlying organic problem with a physician; we have no desire to mask a treatable pathology. 

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