Real Live Hypnosis (Part 2)

21 July 2019/ Demonstrations and Explanations

More Explanation, Another Demonstration

Another video with Kylie, from a couple of months ago. 

Again, we start with a short explanation.  Hypnosis is really self hypnosis. Then a demonstration of the famous Richard Bandler Handshake Interrupt rapid induction.


Where last week I explained a bit about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, this week I wanted to focus on it being more of a cooperative effort than most people think.

In fact, hypnotherapists like myself are often at pains to strengthen the client's “internal locus of control” during trance. Very often clients come to see us because they are already “out of control” of some part or parts of life, be it sleep, smoking, weight, anxiety or some other aspect. Thus, we aim to increase client power as much as is feasible and certainly more than their normal levels.

The Handshake Interrupt

I then demonstrate a complete version of Richard Bandler's handshake interrupt induction with arm catalepsy, eye-closure and an initial deepening.

Because we're seated, the induction is not quite as dynamic as it could be.  But this only goes to show that it still works as a rapid entry vehicle for hypnosis despite the imperfect arrangement of furniture.  The induction relies on something called a “pattern interrupt” whereby the handshake motor-pattern is interrupted with momentary disequilibrium and then bridged into a new state of consciousness. This just begins as a novel kind of attention but rapidly becomes full-blown hypnosis.

In the future I will release a video with some additional footage from this sequence and further explanation of some other aspects of this kind of trance.

Further Aspects of My Practice

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