Real Live Hypnosis (Part 1)

12 July 2019/ Demonstrations and Explanations

What happens in hypnosis, really?

Here is a video.  I recorded it, with the very helpful Kylie, a couple of months ago.  It's a short explanation of some of the things that happen in hypnosis followed by a demonstration of a rapid arm-drop induction.

Since I wanted to demonstrate how easy going into hypnosis really is, I thought of rapid inductions.

Rapid Inductions and Ericksonian Hypnosis

These are not normally used for the Ericksonian style of clinical hypnosis.  But they are fun and make things very easy for the hypnotic subject. 

They are in many ways better suited to the mono-ideodynamic style of trance.   However, they can be used in Ericksonian hypnosis because any style of trance can be bridged to another.  And Erickson himself famously used a few rapid inductions in his time. 

There is a story about a professor coming up to meet Milton Erickson during a seminar or colloquium... The professor apparently reached out to shake Erickson's hand and Erickson bent over to tie his shoe lace.  The professor, with his arm stuck in the air, went into an altered state, which Erickson aptly facilitated to send the professor into deep trance. 

Aspects of Hypnosis

I also wanted to explain some aspects of what hypnosis is.  With luck, this video will demystify more than it mystifies...

For further explanation of how Hypnosis works go here:

What Is Clinical Hypnosis?

For a better understanding of why you would choose hypnosis, go here:

Why Choose Hypnotherapy?

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