How much do you charge?

5 June 2019/

Every client is different, so the total amount charged will depend on the problems, goals and situations to be addressed.  It may take 1 session to achieve the desired outcome, it may take five, or even eight.

Blocks of 90 minutes are currently charged at $180 per block, however, if you already know it's going to be at least five sessions to accomplish your goals you can choose to book and pay for three, four or five sessions in bulk and receive a discount.

If you pay for sessions in bulk they are charged:

3 × 90 minute blocks: $500

4 × 90 minute blocks: $655

5 × 90 minute blocks: $800

Individual 90 minute blocks not part of a bulk payment will be charged at $180.

Payment must be made prior or at the time of your appointment. 

All fees are subject to change at the discretion of the practice.

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