Can I use hypnosis instead of going to a doctor?

14 June 2019/

This is not recommended if you have a health complaint.

For the people wondering about dispensing with a need for modern pharmaceutical medicine (like antibiotics), while it is possible to consider ways hypnosis could be used instead of such pharmaceuticals this is an area fraught with difficulty and, for the moment anyway, better avoided.  Of course there are, as with anything, exceptions: the use of pharmaceuticals to deal with not strictly medical pathologies like insomnia, anxiety and depression is highly questionable and here hypnosis makes a very strong showing.  The same is true of skin complaints, allergies and immune-mediated disease although for the latter the research is not quite as compelling.  Finally, while you could seek to use hypnosis as an adjunct treatment for many other diseases, there is no compelling clinical evidence to date that it can be substituted for the normal treatment protocols that have been clinically trialed as the main treatment where those other diseases are concerned. 

Clinical Hypnosis conducted in this practice is not a medical treatment and should not be thought of as a substitute for consulting a physician.  In fact, if you come to us with bad headaches or other chronic bodily pain seeking relief and have not first consulted a physician we will ask you to see one first and provide evidence you have done so (e.g. a letter of referral).  This is because we take our duty of care to clients extremely seriously as should all professionals working in this field.

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