Are my hypnotherapy sessions completely private and confidential?

5 June 2019/

Yes.  As a health professional a hypnotherapist is required to make sure all your information is kept private and confidential except in respect of three pre-defined limitations.  Otherwise all records, session notes, identifying information including any images that might allow identification are kept private and confidential unless specifically authorised for release by you.

The three specific limitations to privacy are:

  1. If you pose a serious demonstrable risk to yourself or others;
  2. If there is abuse of children or the elderly;
  3. When a court order or subpoena is received specifying exactly what information is required by a court (and it must be exact or no information will be released).

All information kept by Design Hypnotherapy is secured in key-locked storage or in password secured electronic files on a password secured computer.  Records are separated appropriately and archived with RSA encryption.  All records are routinely destroyed either by incinerator or secure deletion methods every seven years, in keeping with best practice standards.

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