Clinical Hypnosis

Clinical Hypnosis

Using Absorption

If hypnosis is entering a state of absorption then Clinical Hypnosis is the practice of using that state of absorption to help heal a person.

There are three basic ways to do this.


The first is through the power of suggestion.  When people are in a hypnotic trance they find it easier to access various abilities that are hard to get from normal waking consciousness.  One of these is  the ability to learn brand new things - like how to turn off pain or stop blood-flow or just see things in a whole new way.  The power of suggestion is the power to bring about new learnings, quickly.  When you can learn to do new things and fast, then many things become possible for you that you thought were impossible.

When you learn to see the world in a whole new way that's more empowering it's as if you have come to know an entirely new world of possibility and power and wonder. 

This is the value of suggestion.

Symptom Substitution

The second way of doing clinical work is something called "symptom substitution." A lot of people will say that symptom substitution is something to watch out for because they mean the person's tendency to react against symptom suppression.   However, if you deliberately engage in a substitution you can prevent undesirable symptoms.  This method basically uses the power of suggestion to swap out undesirable things and replace them with more desirable things.  Like replacing a hot feeling in your skin with a cool feeling or replacing a more limiting belief with a more freeing belief.

The benefit of this approach is it creates more stable changes.  Suggestions on their own have a tendency to fade out or lose power over time.  Symptom substitutions of this kind can make for much more lasting and profound change-work.

A Vehicle for Therapies

The third way clinical hypnosis is done is to utilise trance for psychotherapy. Therapeutic methods vary but we use an approach called Strategic Psychotherapy.  This means we have a suite of methodologies which we can apply, depending on the situation of the client. 

We want to create bridges over gaps in experience which clients don't realise they have.  We seek to foster a client's skill in new ways. Also, we look to have clients create new insights that completely change what is possible in a problem situation. 

We aim to make our clients masters of their own lives, so that they can experience true freedom. Mastering your own destiny is your birthright, yet how many of us can say we have? The kind of therapy we do puts you  in the driver's seat of your own machine. Little by little and bit by bit you take a hold of the controls you didn't know you had or didn't think you could touch.

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