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Insomnia & Other Sleep Disturbances

We provide relief from Sleep Disturbances.  It is the main thing we care about because sleep is so important.

So if you suffer from Insomnia (primary or otherwise) we can help. If you have... Read More


Weight management

Our aim is not just to help you lose weight (or gain it if you need to) ... Read More

Freedom From Undesirable Habits

Hypnosis can help you minimize the pull of undesirable behaviours. Or even remove them completely.  Hypnosis can help you learn new, desirable behaviour patterns.  And the strategies to implement... Read More


a bit about How We Work & How It Works

Language can be hypnotic and hypnosis is already inside language. Every word is processed unconsciously so in a very real way they’re a mini-trance.  When you listen to a story you’re already entering hypnosis.
Hypnotherapy is a process of using trance to achieve new learnings such that old obstacles to well being are dissolved.

Trance is a particularly potent learning state and there are many kinds of trance.

Hypnotherapy is a way to utilise one particular kind of absorption to bring about profound and lasting changes for the better.

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